Betty’s end of year wrap up

2018! Where did you go? We are racing towards Christmas so here’s an update on what’s been happening at the salon and – of course – what’s been happening with me, everyone’s favourite salon cat. Betty magazine

Many milestones were reached over the past few months. The salon turned 5 and I turned 8 (but don’t look a day over 4). I’m currently closing in on reaching 8000 Instagram followers. I am so close I can taste it. Instagram followers are like catnip for me, so feel free to follow me on @bettyboo_thesaloncat to get me over the line!

But it’s not all about social media. The global print media still love me, with a feature in the Philippine Airlines magazine really boosting my ego (and giving my owner Chris a few island holiday ideas too).

But enough about me, the humans at the salon have been busy too! Steve has settled into the salon nicely and Fotini has finally finished studying so she’s swapped text books for working more hours in the salon (and celebrating the end of her uni days by hitting Brunswick Street’s bars).

Still Aware treatsThere was a great turn out for our recent butterfly afternoon tea, with our event raising $2515 for Still Aware, a charity that’s working towards ending preventable stillbirths. Thank you to everyone who donated, baked cakes and came along on the day. It was great to see you all supporting such an important cause. 

Christmas is nearly here, so the salon will be closed from Sunday 23rd December until we reopen on Wednesday 9th January. If you need fresh hair to look good for Santa this Christmas, best get in quick to snap up an appointment. We’ve added more hours in the lead up to Christmas, so give us a call on (03) 9078 1373 and one of my humans will book you in for a cut, colour, blow dry and an (optional) pre-Christmas cuddle from me*

* Cuddles dependant on my mood/availability

Love from Betty (meow!), Chris and the Babar Salon Team

Babar salon


Spring salon update

How is it already September? It’s been a hard, long winter of client lap-warming for me, so I’m happy to see spring arrive as that signals more sunshine for me to soak up in the front window.

Here’s the latest salon news:

Chris is back, David is away and Fotini is returning with more hours

I find it hard to believe but Chris officially had the best time ever without me in Russia, Albania, and Montenegro. While not nearly as famous as me, she did have her own brush with fame, with many clients spotting her in the World Cup television coverage. Chris BB

Now that Chris is back in the salon, the holiday relay continues with David taking the baton and heading to Canada, London and Thailand until mid-September. Meanwhile, Fotini is closing in on her studies so expect her back on the floor with more appointments available soon.

Save the date for our fundraiser

On a more serious note, many people aren’t aware that 2000 babies are born still each year in Australia. That’s why we’re hosting a fundraising afternoon tea in support of Still Aware on Sunday 14 October. The salon will be putting on food, drinks and a raffle, so book your spot here. If you can’t come but you’re a bit of a legend and want to donate anyway, please contribute here:

Sustainable Salons for the win

I do my bit to reduce food waste by never leaving food in my bowl, but the salon also does a great job of being sustainable. It’s been nearly a year and a half since Babar joined Sustainable Salons and we recently received a certificate that shows how much waste we’ve diverted from landfill. I also featured in Green Chair mag as the number 1 Sustainable Salons pet. Yep, that’s me. I’m numero uno – don’t ever forget it! Betty and SS

Say hello to Steve

Our neighbour salon and good friends Koca Lane may have recently left the ‘hood, but the good news is that Steve will continue working for himself from the Babar salon. Appointments can be made directly with Steve. Just phone:  0449 771 353

End of year madness

I don’t want to alarm you, but December is just around the corner and our appointment book is already looking pretty busy (eeeeek!). If you’re keen on looking lit for your office Christmas party or family catch up, then book in now to score yourself a coveted December appointment. Future you will thank you for being so organised!

Call (03) 9078 1373 and one of my human assistants who will book you in for new hair, with a side serve of Betty loving if you’re into it.

With love from your favourite feline friend, Betty xx

Betty green chair



Betty Boo’s fame grows (again)

It’s been a few months since I’ve last blogged but you’ll have to forgive me as I’ve been incredibly busy with media commitments – such is life when you’re an internet-famous feline.

Having already been profiled by Time Out, Pop Sugar, Mashable, Love Meow and a Japanese television show, my star has continued to rise with a double page spread in UK magazine Your Catbetty and mag

Now that I’ve featured in print, TV, web and social media, my Instagram follower count continues to rise as the days go by. I’m now up to 6700 followers and counting, so get on board by following me (I’m @bettyboo_thesaloncat).

My mum even bought me a fetching, new bow tie so I’ll be ready for my next media appearance!

But apparently it’s not all about me and there are lots of other interesting things happening at the salon. Things like sustainability initiatives, new product ranges and holidays.

Sustainable Salons

Now in our second year of participating in the Sustainable Salons program, we’re continuing to do our bit to fight the war on waste (I do my bit by never leaving my food bowl empty).

When you add it all up, hair salons produce a fair amount of waste (hair, foil, plastic bottles, razors and other tools). If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all the waste that Babar Hair produces, you’ll be pleased to know that we recycle up to 95% of waste produced at the salon. image2

Sustainable Salons collect the waste and ensure it stays out of landfill. Hair clippings are used to mop up oil spills along the coast, ponytails are donated to charities that make wigs for cancer patients and aluminium foil is recycled to be used once again.

Low impact, vegan hair care

Realising that many of our clients are interested in using low impact, environmentally-friendly products, we’re now also stocking a new hair care range with serious green credentials.

NEUMA is a plant-based hair care range that is vegan and PETA-approved. Containing certified organic extracts and zero synthetic fragrance, NEUMA delivers incredible results while lessening impacts on the planet. If you want to know more about NEUMA products, ask us next time you’re in the salon.

Staff Holidays

babar hair care

While I love humans, I really don’t understand their mysterious ways and holidays are a concept that I just can’t comprehend. I mean, call me lazy but why would anyone want to go anywhere when they’ve got a warm, comfy bed at home?

Regardless of my advice to stay at the salon and hang with me, all Babar staff are taking a month off each for a mid-year break. Chris is particularly excited to be heading to Russia for the World Cup. So if you want to nab an appointment with your favourite stylist, be sure to book in before they disappear for a month of holiday bliss. They won’t all be gone at the same time though, so the salon will be business as usual all through winter.

Rest assured your favourite salon cat will be in residence for the whole of winter, so I’ll be on hand to warm your lap and provide light entertainment when I’m not lounging around in the front window or hiding in bed.

Want to make an appointment or profess your undying love for me? Call Chris and the team on (03) 9078 1373.

Chris babar

Betty’s riding the fame train (again)

Yewwww…. What a start to the year.

As a feline that helps run a Melbourne hair salon, I am accustomed to getting attention from humans who can’t quite believe how seriously I take my lap-warming and client entertaining duties.

But the kind folk from Love Meow recently went a step further and featured me on their website. Cue: worldwide love, adoration, thousands of new followers and a tonne of messages from people around the world keen to get a slice of me. babar 2

From a production company in the UK to a morning television show in Dallas, Texas, I’ve been inundated with people wanting to feature me on their shows and websites. I’ve officially gone viral baby!

Of course, I’m no stranger to fame. In the past I’ve appeared on a Japanese television show and graced the front cover of Time Out magazine, so I’m no overnight success. David Bowie’s Fame has
always been my favourite tune to strut around the salon to and now it’s my official anthem.

While my resurgent fame has dominated most of my time of late (my paws are tired from replying to all my fans on Instagram), the salon has been equally busy since it reopened after the end-of- year

Babar imageWe’ve recently welcomed a wonderful apprentice to the team. You’ll see Claudia helping out around the salon, washing hair, answering the phone, making tea, patting me and generally being awesome. Fotini and Sarah are still with us part time while they balance work with studies, so they are available for limited appointments. David and Chris are still both making hair dreams come true on a full time basis.

In other news, the vintage arcade game table had been repaired so all you retro game loving nerds can get a side serve of Pac Man with your hair cut. Oh and we’re now stocking a new men’s grooming range for our other furry friends!

You may be wondering if I’m now too famous to mix it with salon customers but I can assure you I am a woman of the people and can’t wait to warm more laps this year. Don’t be a stranger, come and say hi soon!

Betty “I’m kind of a big deal” Boo

Babar 4

New arrivals brighten up Babar Hair

It’s been a while between updates, but it’s been hard to keep up with all the action going on at the salon. As the resident feline caretaker of the salon (and blogger) I’ve had my work cut out for me with all that’s been going on. It’s been so busy I’ve had to spend most days lying down! Here’s the lowdown on what’s been happening at Babar Hair over the past few months.

Baby news!

There’s a new cute thing in town and I’m only a tiny bit jealous of all the attention she’s getting! While I don’t usually welcome anyone who will compete with me for attention and affection, I do make exceptions from time to time. At the end of January, Anna and Callum welcomed Daphne Rose Moncrieff to the world and boy is she a delightful bundle of joy (with a mini-mullet to boot). Anna is enjoying motherhood and can’t stop taking photos of her adorable daughter.

We’re now sustainable image2

We recently become a sustainable salon! At Babar Hair, we’re now recycling up to 95% of waste produced at the salon. This means we are recycling hair, chemicals, metal, paper, plastic and more in conjunction with the team from Sustainable Salons Australia. I may be a cat but I’m also smart enough to know that we need to care for our planet and reduce our impacts in whatever ways we can. That’s why I’m really proud Babar Hair is as earth-friendly as it can possibly be.



A close shave in the name of a good causeimage3 (4)

Once again, Chris volunteered to help out with the World’s Greatest Shave event. Raising much-needed funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, Chris helped participants liberate their tresses from their scalp in order to satisfy the generous sponsors who chipped in to see their friends go bald. While I’m proud of Chris for taking part, I’m glad she didn’t try and convince me to take part too. I need my fur coat for winter!

It’s a sign

Ever the interiors style setters, we’ve spruced up the salon with a sexy new neon sign. I just love parading and posing underneath it. Doesn’t it look awesome?

To see the sign for yourself make an appointment with Chris or one of the team. Remember that we stay open late many nights of the week but it’s best to book appointments early so you don’t miss out. And don’t forget to give me a cuddle next time you’re in too.

With love,

Betty Boo x

image4 (3)






We’re baaaaaaaaaack!!

Me in Time Out Melbourne - so meta

Me in Time Out Melbourne – so meta

Happy 2017! First things first: Thanks to all our wonderful clients for the mega year that was 2016. I know it was a tough one for many people but it was a huge one for the salon – and an even bigger one for me with my fame growing more and more as each day goes by. With a guest spot on a Japanese TV series about cats, an Instagram account with a serious amount of followers, and a spotlight feature on me in a recent issue of Time Out Melbourne, I’m pretty sure I’ll be the first cat to have Kardashian levels of fame – take that Grumpy Cat! But back to the salon…

Very important holiday update…

What’s the point of going on a holiday unless you can tell people about it? Over the break Chris took herself off to tropical Fiji to top up her levels of Vitamin D, Fotini blissed out in Byron Bay and David stayed at home and avoided the St Kilda beaches that stunk Melbourne up just after the New Year (sorry buddy). Anna is now on maternity leave, getting ready to welcome the newest arrival to her family.

Last day of work for 2016

Last day of work for 2016

2017, we are coming to get ya

After a fun-filled break, the salon is once again open for business Tuesday to Saturday. We are pumped to help you out with all your hair needs. We’ve even got an extra set of hands on deck to help out on Saturdays and other times when we’re run off our feet. Sarah is a lovely Canadian with lots of experience wielding hairdryers and GHDs. While we focus on the cuts and colours, Sarah will give us an extra hand with the hair washing, blow drying and all important wine bottle opening. You may have met her already, but if not, please do come in and say hi. Or better still, book a blow dry to experience the magic of Sarah.

Just a reminder you can stalk us by following the salon on Instagram @babarhair. More importantly, if you’re not following me yet, what is wrong with you? While I have more than 500 followers I’d like to have 1000 by the end of the year. You can find me here @bettyboo_thesaloncat

Until next time, Betty xx

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Spring fever hits Babar Hair

It’s spring! Which means it’s time for me to shed my winter coat and emerge from hibernation. It’s only early September, but I’ve already got a spring in my step just thinking about all the delicious, warming rays of sunshine I will soon be able to catch in the front window of the salon. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve loved napping my way through winter, but there’s a season for everything and I (like many) am ready for some sunshine.

As always, lots of exciting things have been happening at Babar Hair over the past few months (and most of them involve me of course). Here’s the latest: chris cocktail

A vacay and a baby 

Chris has recently returned from a few weeks in America where she drank giant cocktails, caught some rays on the beach and missed me like crazy. While her much-needed holiday was heaps of fun, she’s returned rejuvenated and
full of all that Vitamin D acquired on California’s beaches. We’re not jealous…. okay, only a little bit jealous.

In other staff news, Anna will be welcoming a new addition to the family soon! I am super excited to have a new baby to play with – as long as the little one doesn’t sit in my cat bed, steal my toys or grab my tail too much. In all seriousness, we are all very happy for her. Make sure you grab an appointment with her before she goes on leave!

Style for Life day a raging success

IMG_8231Opening on a Sunday isn’t something that we usually do, but the team made an exception to the rule by opening up the salon on the last Sunday of July in order to raise money for a very good cause. With all takings from the day going towards a charity called Hagar Australia, Babar Hair joined haircare brand Eleven Australia to raise money for survivors of human rights abuse. An overall total of $43,000 was raised by all participating salons – an awesome effort in the name of a good cause (and good hair). Thank you to all our customers who booked appointments on this day and Anna for helping out. I even did my bit by keeping client’s laps warm, an essential service in my opinion.


Peace is restored

While we are excited about all of the above, we’re super excited to say that the construction crew that were working on the property next door have finished their work, so now we can enjoy a jackhammer-free day of doing what we love (for me that means sleeping in peace).

If you’ve neglected yourself over the dark days of winter, come on in and we’ll revamp your look with a new colour or cut – spring is the best season to try something new and with the construction crew gone from next door, you’ll enjoy listening to nothing but a rad soundtrack and some purring from little old me.

See you soon, Betty Boo xx



A new staff member, a close shave and Betty in the spotlight… again

Welcome to another edition of my must-read blog, the only hairdressers blog in the world written by a feline! We’ve had lots going on in the salon lately, with a new staff member, an injury, an accolade and a very close shave, all in the name of charity.

Fresh meat!babar betty
We are super excited to welcome our newest employee, David. Anna and Chris worked with David in London, so we know he’s a goodie. Originally from Melbourne, David is back in town working at Babar four days a week. We love having him around, it’s just like London times (but with older bodies and harsher hangovers).

On the mend
Chris had surgery to repair the damage done after toppling off her bike. Of course, I didn’t leave her side while she was recovering. I kept her warm with cuddles and entertained her with my hilarious antics. Chris is now back at work taking appointments and she has promised to cycle in a padded Sumo suit with an American football helmet covering her whole face.

It’s official, Babar Hair really is the best 

It’s always good to be appreciated and now we can say that we’re one of the top hair salons in Melbourne! We were obviously really stoked to be featured as one the Urban List’s top Melbourne hair salons and yours truly even got a mention too! My fame continues to grow….betty on lap

A close shave for a good cause

Supporting good causes is something that we’re pretty passionate about. Recently Anna and Chris went to the Nike head office in Melbourne to lend their skills to Shave for a Cure. When we heard that one of our customers was going to shave her hair for a good cause, we knew we had to be a part of it. Danielle shaved her hair to a zero and raised lots of money for her team. What a legend! Of course, many of you are thinking that perhaps I should have taken part in it too? While I would have loved to, I really need my furry coat to make it through winter!

Speaking of winter….

I just love winter. It’s my favourite season because I get to cuddle up in my bed and Chris turns the heater up for me. It’s the perfect excuse to sleep in and lounge around the salon, sitting in the front window watching the rain fall while I’m all warm and dry inside. Also, new season = new hair!

Lots of love, Betty xx

betty on player

A wedding and an international TV debut at Babar Hair!

It’s been a blockbuster few months in at Babar Hair, with a romantic wedding, some sprucing up of the salon and an international media appearance all taking place!


Since my last blog Anna got married to her love Callum in a super fun ceremony at Thornbury Bowls Club. Sadly, I wasn’t in attendance (no cats were allowed at the venue), but everyone managed to have a great time without me. After a ripper of a wedding day, Anna is now back in at Babar Hair, taking appointments five days a week.

Over the Christmas and New Year break we closed for a few weeks, so everyone could have some time to rest and relax after a mega year. Apart from eating too much food and enjoying beers in the sunshine, we also used that time to repaint the floors and give the salon a bit of TLC, so it’s looking better than ever.


And yes the rumours are true. An international film crew flew from Japan to film yours truly for a Japanese television series called Cats around the World. Finally, I get my 15 minutes of fame! They spent half a day with me at the salon, filming all my best angles as Chris and the team went about their business styling hair. Apparently having a cat in a hair salon is a big deal, but to me it’s just my life. My international television debut went really well, and I look forward to a lifetime of receiving fan mail, appearing on talk shows and signing autographs. Jealous much?



Here’s a pic of me watching myself on my mum’s laptop. As you can see, I really know how to work the camera!

Oh and if you miss me in between appointments, follow me on Instagram @bettyboo_thesaloncat to see what I’m up to (hint: mainly napping). I currently have more followers than most humans I know, but I’m not bragging or anything.

Peace, love, cuddles and catnip,

Betty Boo xx


It’s game on at the salon!

Welcome to another instalment of Betty’s Blog. We’ve had a big few months of late but we’ll let our favourite resident feline fill you in on all the details….

Birthday bliss

Apart from October heralding the start of some serious sunshine in Melbourne (yay), this month also marks my fifth birthday, which means more cuddles, more catnip and more lounging in the front window for me. Yes please! October is also the second birthday of the salon. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since the birth of Babar – thanks to all of our lovely clients for entrusting us with your hair.

melbourne hair salon

Chris is pretty pleased with the new acquisition

Game on

As you may have noticed, we’re always tinkering away to make the salon the best it can be. Recently this involved pimping out the reception area with a vintage arcade game filled with 60 games straight from your childhood, including Pacman and Space Invaders. We encourage you to have a play (and a tinnie of Melbourne Bitter) before your appointment starts or while you’re waiting for your colour to set – beats staring at yourself in the mirror!

A star is born

In other news, yours truly has recently had a brush with fame! Finally the world has cottoned on to how awesome it is to have a cool kitty in a hair salon. I can’t reveal the exact details at this stage, but what I can say is that I spent a day with an international film crew – I’m going global baby! Stay tuned for when the footage is revealed in December. We’re all really excited about it, especially my mummy Chris who is very proud of me!

Now is probably a good time to mention that I’m also an Instagram star. Follow me at @bettyboo_thesaloncat to get your Betty fix when you’re not in the salon.

melbourne hair salon

Anna won’t have much time to lay about now that she works on Fridays

100% more Anna 

By popular demand, Anna now also works on Fridays so you have another day to nab her for a cut, colour or blow dry. If you’re lucky, I’ll also sit in your lap (if you’re into that type of thing) and keep you company while she works her magic.

Festive fun

Christmas is nearly here and we’re open for extended trading days and hours to keep up with everyone needing to rock awesome hair at end-of-year work parties and Christmas functions. December appointments are filling up fast, so call us on 9078 1373 to make an appointment. We’ve also got some cool Christmas hair packs in store if you’re looking for Kris Kringle gifts, stocking fillers or a little something for yourself.

Until next time, stay golden everyone.

Betty x

melbourne hair salon

Life is tough